For the moments when you just need timeout to reflect and make some critical decisions, one to one executive coaching sessions give you the opportunity to explore, recognise and clarify ways forward.

Small steps or a huge leaps, it doesn’t matter, it’s the moving forward that counts!


Within business, coaching is a very powerful tool. Leaders are highly pressured to maintain creativity, innovation, sustainability and growth. Equally new opportunities are emerging daily and expectations are such that a clear plan has to be in place, constant strategy decisions be made and buy in from your people is critical. All this to be achieved with an unshakable confidence!

As an fully qualified, highly experienced executive coach Lesley is passionate about acting as your trusted go to person to help you gain clarity on what you need to do to.

With her logical, no-nonsense approach she has the capability to:

• Say needs to be said, but in a way that you will listen
• Listen to what you have to say and help make sense of it all
• Spot opportunities (and problems) a mile off
• Help you create a plan that will work
• …and push you past your barriers to welcome your successes.


Focused attention + relaxed concentration = a dream coaching session

One off or a block of sessions available, contact Lesley for more information.