Inspired by uncovering true potential, our passion lies in shaping future organisational success

for small to medium enterprises.

We believe everyone is capable of achieving the extraordinary and always that

 ‘the best is yet to come.’



As qualified specialists in HR Strategy, Executive Business Coaching, Training and Development, we thrive on supporting organisations with ambitious growth plans and guiding those who are facing challenging sitatuations.

Using our 50 plus combined years of Corporate, SME and Academic experience and having working with over 1000 leaders between us, means we have the agility to know exactly what is needed. This combined with our naturally positive style means we have the insights, knowledge and ability to commit to your objectives and totally align with your goals.



Our Team

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Lesley Calland is a dynamic Level 7 qualified executive coach and mentor, specialising in driving the leadership capability within SME organisations. Her agile  approach stems from her wide breadth of career and life experience which includes 15 years working  as a senior manager for major high street retailers, such as Debenhams, Marks and Spencer and The Arcadia Group. In 1998 she co-opened an estate agency, which grew to become a four brand, multi-award winning property business with 26 employees.

In 2010, when this business was sold,  she operated as an Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University, creating and pioneering the Top Team Programme, then in 2011, she founded People Power Coaching.

Her aim has always been to help everyone within the organisation to align with the operational and aspirational objectives through 1 to 1, group or company interventions, thus creating high performing individuals and collaborative focused teams.

Tracey Murphy  is a practical strategist, specialising in HR and People for small and medium-sized UK businesses. She is a graduate of the UCLan and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD).

Her HR career began 20 years ago, during which she has held senior roles at Corporate level, becoming known for troubleshooting under-performing functions and building Organisation Development strategies. In 2012 she developed her own business from scratch, she made an acquisition in 2014, and in 2018 she facilitated a merger.

Tracey's interventions involve all aspects of:

  • Designing the Organisation Structure Roadmap that will deliver the exit
  • Building the Succession Planning strategy, based on addressing the key people risks
  • Implementing Performance Management systems, to improve productivity and identify internal Talent
  • Designing a HR function to support the growth of internal and external talent and manage employer risk
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Bev Best our Business Support Manager is currently on maternity leave. When involved with the organisation, she is a huge asset to our company and all of our clients. She's the one in the background making sure everything happens in the way that it should.

Expert in tendering and funding applications and completes all the financial and adminstrative tasks, so that no deadline is ever missed.

As a naturally caring person and a level 7 qualified coach too, she has the ability to apply logic to any situation and is well known for keeping everyone informed, organised and on track.