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Our focus is to help organisations in supporting their people through transformational change, ensuring they are positioned and equipped to grow at the pace the business needs.

To support this change, we have proudly collaborated with one of the UK’s leading providers of work personality profiling and are now accredited providers of this powerful diagnostic tool.

In three easy steps we can give individuals and their organisations an accurate insight as to how they can develop and perform at their best at work.


The personal completion of an online survey which can be conveniently carried out by the individual anytime, anywhere.

Step 2 Reports

The data is analysed to create meaningful accurate reports that will highlight:


  • The strengths and limitations of their current approach to work
  • How they best add value and gain a sense of high achievement
  • The factors that motivate them and will drive them to continue growing with the business
  • Their concerns and barriers that may be holding them back and
  • What can be done to help them cope under pressure.

Step 3 Coaching Session

Quality one-to-one time over the telephone or face to face to discuss the findings in detail, stimulating an increased level of self-awareness, the insight into the impact they are having on others around them and the responsibility to best manage their own performance.


The benefits for the employer are that you spend less time on managing underperformers and focus on those who are truly driving your business.


In addition this profiling can also be used for:

  • Recruiting the right people,
  • Identifying promotable people
  • Putting teams together
  • Managing performance
  • Resolving team issues
  • Boosting drive and motivation.
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Getting started with us, is easy. Schedule a call, where we can talk through your options of how profiling can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your team.


To discuss what would work for your organisation call Lesley on 07411 232199 or use the button below to get in touch.